Our student Sustainability Leaders have begun auditing our school for existing energy saving strategies and devices. We are currently utilising the following energy saving tools:

  • energy saving florescent lights in our classrooms
  • automatic temperature control systems in most working areas
  • allowing air flow across common areas on warm days to keep fans turned off
  • timers set on classroom TVs to automatically switch off after a short period of time
  • timers on classroom and security lighting

We have in addition, gathered data on the distances our school community drive to school and the amount of fuel used as a result. We are currently working towards implementing strategies to try and reduce this amount by encouraging carpooling and walking to school initiatives.

We are developing a policy to further reduce the amount of electricity used at our school through a “switching off” regime throughout the school day including break times when rooms are vacant and a “switching off” regime for school holidays in order to reduce the amount of energy used when items are powered down.