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The main changes for your child: Starting school involves a number of changes for children and families. This includes the differences between your child’s current setting (eg home, long day care, preschool) and the primary school they will be attending. When children start school they experience changes in areas such as:
  • The physical environment: For example, the size of the playground, classroom and school buildings, the location and types of toilets, the number of other children and teachers.
  • Rules and procedures: For example, more structured times for attending class, eating and going to the toilet, rules for different places such as the classroom and playground, lining up and putting up a hand to speak.
  • Relationships: For example, meeting new children and adults, responding to children of different ages, leaving an early childhood educator, getting to know a range of teachers for different subjects and from different grades.
  • Learning: For example, more formal learning experiences, structured times and set tasks, increasing independence.
For some great advice, please visit the following site:
Victorian Department of Education and Training - Tips for Parents'.
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